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The USMA was formed in 2015 by a coalition of industry businesses including Lucas Oil, Safety Kleen, Optima Batteries and others, who recognized the need for greater organization, data, and state/local level advocacy for racing.



The U.S. Motorsports Association is the only grassroots racing advocate in America solely focused on the protection & promotion of all types of racing at all levels.  We work every day, all day, with one mission as America's Grassroots Racing Advocate.  

WE GET IT DONE. When the Pandemic hit, the USMA took immediate action and presented the racing industry with the first COVID-19 Toolkit.  Our team brought together and mobilized racing industry leaders within weeks of COVID Shutdowns.  While it remained a rough road that no one had ever traveled, the USMA remained persistent and ensured our voice was heard with local, state, and federal government. 

With all issues, we take pride in quick action that results in real solutions. "There is no question in my mind that our favorable outcome was a direct result of USMA's involvement. They were invaluable!"  — Bill Bader, Jr. President Summit Motorsports Park



Promotion of the Racing Industry.  We tell the story of our powerful economic benefits and inspire future generations to participate. 


Strong Governmental Relationships.  We have built permanent relationships with Local and State Government Officials because is at the local/state level where most grassroots racing issues are solved. 

Unified Voice.  With over 125,000 Registered Members our voice is being heard and we can mobilize our members anywhere in the nation.

Industry-Specific Research.  The racing industry has a unique economic dynamic that can be difficult to understand.  Our team of industry experts and research specialists is delivering powerful action-oriented data.  

Industry Councils and Leadership Teams.  The USMA forms Councils and Leadership Teams to bring together an experienced and passionate variety of people to represent Motorsports.  These groups meet on a regular basis to network, gain peer-to-peer knowledge, discover new perspectives, and ultimately formulate solutions that are in the best interest of motorsports.  

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT OUR WORK.  The USMA is a lean running organization, but the work we do still comes at a cost.  You can support the USMA by becoming a registered member for free, buying some apparel on our website, or becoming a corporate partner. 


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