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Our time is now!  Racing cannot afford to react to issues any longer.


The USMA is promoting our facts through research and building relationships with elected officials.


We are taking a preventative and proactive approach by educating leaders about the many positive economic and socioeconomic benefits of motorsports in their communities.  



The USMA provides an umbrella for all forms of racing across all 50-states to unify.  


Individual racers, participants, industry professionals and fans are registering to the USMA at no-cost.


This fast growing database is used to mobilize our people on a local, regional or national level.



Each year we are losing tracks and locations for racing events. Businesses are facing greater regulations.  Motorsports continues to be challenged by opposition forces.


Many issues facing our sport stem from negative perceptions and misunderstood facts that our sport is lawless, dangerous, dirty, loud and economically poor. 

The USMA is implementing solutions that are making positive changes to current perceptions. 

Facing a local, state or federal government issue?  
We provide consulting, resources and support to tracks and motorsports related businesses, often at no-cost.  
Reach out to the USMA


A few recent accomplishments:
  • Delivered the Importance of Drag Racing on Long Island Report.

  • Helped new racing facilities open by supporting permitting approvals.

  • Stopped NC Senate Bill 193, which helped keep off road parks open.

  • Resolved Summit Motorsports Park issues with Ohio DOT.  

  • Started both the PA Motorsports Council and NC Off Road Council.  

  • Mobilized our membership in support of the RPM Act.

  • Grew our Registered Membership to over 100K. 

  • Consulted with several tracks to support government resolutions.   

  • Promoted Grassroots Racing through dozens of events, public official meetings, letter campaigns, motorsports rally’s and State Capitol visits.