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USMA Leadership Teams have joined together racing’s top talented, experienced, and most passionate people to help provide these guidelines, and tools.  These groups are continuing to work at a rapid pace to provide ongoing resources. 


Outlined below is a 5-STEP plan to place into action immediately. 

Our situation continues to change and develop.  USMA Leadership Teams

will continue to update this information regularly. 


PREPARE to Contact your local officials. 

THE ASK:  Ask these officials to support your track/event reopening as soon as possible under the CDC guidelines and White House plan for re-opening our nation’s economy.  


Why should I contact my local & state elected officials? 

This issue begins with local officials and will move through the County and State levels in almost every case.  The Federal government (President) is setting guidelines.  The State may adopt some of these guidelines, however, they will be setting their own guidelines.  Local townships and counties will be taking the States guidelines and setting their own county requirements.  Communities/Municipalities/Towns will almost certainly be working with and taking advice from the county health departments.  


Who’s in charge?  And who ultimately makes this decision: the State or County?


This will be different across the nation.  Some States can override your local county or township officials.  But in other states, the county may override the state.  Without figuring out all the details and rules of your state and local government it is best to treat them all equally.  Your State (Governors Office & State Legislators) and your local officials (Commissioners, Township Officials, Mayors) should all be contacted.  In addition, it’s important to establish a relationship with your local county health department.  


With so much going on for these Elected Officials right now why would they give my track or racing events any attention? 


As we slowly re-open, Racing may initially not be at the top of the list.  However, we are finding the local race track or event can be a key asset to the community to learn how to best re-open events.  For example, your local community will eventually want to have parades, concerts, youth sports, and other public gatherings again.  Your track can be an excellent resource to implement and test plans for other events.  This will not likely be an idea derived from the local government.  You will need to introduce and educate them on the idea along with presenting an initial plan.


Do not rely on local leaders for all the answers.  They need your help with a plan! 


Don’t assume or leave it up to your local leaders to build a plan for the reopening of your track.  It is very important to take the initiative yourself to develop and present a plan to them.  It should be well thought out including as much detail as possible.  Racing tends to have negative perceptions such as being economically poor, and loud.  By presenting a plan and offering to be a community leader in the reopening of all public gatherings, you will alleviate this negative perception.  Already, many local officials and health departments are very thankful when they see racing as being responsible.  Offer to help them with their responsibilities during this time of challenge for all of us. 


Click on the Tool-kit button at the bottom of this page to find general guidelines and plans in our resources section.  


Prior to reaching out to the health department or local / state officials consider your current relationship.


Your current relationship likely falls into one of three categories.  


NO RELATIONSHIP: You don’t know them at all and have never met them.  In this case, see our resources on who to contact and some sample introduction letters and message points.  


CHALLENGED RELATIONSHIP: For some, your relationship with the local government or health department is a bit rocky.  Maybe you’ve argued over various issues in the past.  Don’t worry.  Eat a large piece of humble pie, and reach out.  You can begin by stating the fact maybe things haven’t always been the best.  Remind them, we are all in this together.  You want to work with these Public Officials, be a resource, and identify solutions.  


GOOD RELATIONSHIP: Pat yourself on the back for taking the time over the years to have strong local government relationships.  Now you see how those investments will pay off. 


REMEMBER:  All Politics are local.  You will be a great community partner and offer your location for health/public services, if appropriate for your community.  


Build your list.  Who should you contact?


Note: officials in bold should be contacted immediately.  




Municipal Officials (Council, Commissioners, Supervisors, and Mayor)

State Senator and State Representative

Governor’s office

State Department of Health

Local Health Department

Member of Congress

County Tourism office

County Commissioners

County Economic Development Department

Police, Fire, and EMS Departments

County Emergency Management Agency 



Other Entertainment Organizations

Local Chamber of Commerce

Entertainment Organizations

Businesses near your track

Other Track Vendors

Community Service organizations supported by your track


REACH out to your Public Officials.

How do I find my Public Officials? What do I say?  What should my letter look like?  


Get your introduction letter out right away.  Don’t worry too much about getting all the answers quickly.  Do not ask for a definitive yes or no.  Keep in mind these officials are working on all kinds of businesses right now.  Show them how you can be a resource.  Be sure to include that your plan is coming soon for their review.  This is very important.  If your plan is already prepared then you can include this when you reach out and skip the introduction steps.


How to find your Public Officials? 


Most towns, cities, and counties have a website.  Almost always these sites will list your leaders and very often include phone, email, and addresses of each official.  For State Representative contacts visit your State's Legislator website and Governor's office website.  You will need to find out who your state representative is if you do not know.  Many websites will allow you to put in your business address to find your district, ward, or region representatives.   Google is your friend.  Enter your city name or county name, then add the word representative, state senator, health department, etc.  Compile your list of contacts then create your email and/or mailed letter.   Email is best if you can find it.  

NOTE: Do not be disappointed if you hear back from a staff member and not the elected official directly.  This is normal.  Just begin working and communicating with whoever responds to your message.  

What do I say? 


Be Positive.  Be Realistic.  Be a Resource.  

It's important to have a positive tone.  Starting off with threats, complaints, or ultimatums typically do not work.  

Be Realistic.

Do not make commitments that you cannot fulfill.  For example, if you cannot afford to open your facility with no fans do not make the offer to do so.  Be careful with offering requirements and new practices that you have no way to implement.  With that said, we also will need as an industry to accept many new practices we may not like or agree with.  Just be realistic. 


Be a Resource. 

Your community will be looking for the best and safest way to resume all public gatherings such as parades, festivals, concerts, youth sports, etc.  Position your track as a leader who can go first in implementing health and safety plans that can be used for other events.  




BUILD your resumption of racing plan.

We recommend preparing a plan for re-opening your track/event in 2020 including BEST PRACTICES for operations.

DO NOT use our guidelines plan word for word.  Each facility's front gate, back gate, and operations will be different.  When creating your plan, under-promise, and over-deliver!   


Be sure when submitting your plan to highlight that it’s a suggestion, a DRAFT, and open to changes and input.  Also, if you are comfortable with doing so, suggest the use of your plan for other public gathering events.  Again, racing must become a solution, not last on the list. 




 FOLLOW UP and be persistent, but be respectful. 

You will likely need to follow up.  You should ask for a brief call.  Whatever you ask for keep it pointed, brief, and focused on the resumption of racing.  If you ask for 15 minutes, keep it at fifteen minutes.  Do not argue and do not make demands.  At the same time, it is important to be direct.  Let them know you are preparing responsible plans to re-open.  


 PROMOTE your economic benefits.  

Our entire nation has quickly gone from one of the best economies in history to one of the worst.  All states and local governments will be looking for ways to boost their economy.  Your track may not rise to the surface in their minds as a local economic driver.  But local racing has a significant positive impact on rural communities and provides major benefits to all.




Below are some general talking points to use when emphasizing to your local/state officials the importance of racing.  Many have an incorrect view of our industry value to the local economy.  Do your best to “educate” them on your business model and how it benefits your community.  These talking points can be supported with your actual economic facts, quotes from your racers and fans, supporting letters from local businesses, etc.  


Message Points: 


  • Motorsports provides billions in economic impacts, provides millions of jobs, and supports thousands of small businesses. 

  • Racing often supports local rural economies, who may be starving for business and need more race events. 

  • Local race events generate new revenue and spending that otherwise would not exist.   

  • Our racing activity is vital to local tourism including hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, and more.  

  • Racers consume all sorts of small business services and retail sales.   

  • Racing provides for safe outdoor entertainment and can comply with CDC requirements as the country goes through the three phases outlined in the White House plan for a return to normal business. 

  • We are a responsible and professional industry.  

  • Our tracks/events can and will take measures to address COVID-19 concerns with participants, fans, and the community. 



Click on the Tool-kit link below to access more resources, templates, and information.


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