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  • Event Planning and Management

  • Experiential Marketing Tours

  • Strategic Marketing/Sales Plans

  • Data Collection 

  • Sponsorship Management/Negotiation

  • Motorsports Industry Consulting  


Economic Impact Research:  We will define the economic benefits of your organization, and tell your story, through a detailed, Federal/State accepted report.  Post-report we will provide proven follow-up methods that will inspire sponsorship growth and governmental support.


  • Statewide Reports

  • Racetracks

  • Sanctioning Organizations

  • Special Events

  • Car Shows/Trade Shows/Automotive Events 

Market Research:  The Racing Industry is vast and diverse.  With so many forms of racing each with its own culture and behaviors, it can be difficult to know how best to approach your sales, marketing, and business growth goals.  We provide an expert team with decades of racing and research analysis experience. 

  • Understand consumer behavior

  • Make stronger decisions based on fact vs feeling

  • Discover Industry Trends

  • Uncover targeted racing industry knowledge

  • Develop effective strategies

  • Set achievable sales, marketing & growth goals


Is your track or business facing a Governmental Issue?  Do you have strong relationships with your local, state, and federal officials?  Are you keeping up with the ever the changing laws, regulations, and shifts in political power? 
While many of us like to avoid the Government, others are advocating against us.  We work daily to build strong relationships, educate our elected officials, and uncover both monetary and regulatory benefits for the racing industry.  We understand the architecture of Government and find solutions through accurate data and straightforward initiatives.  


  • Implement solutions to complex issues your track or business is facing

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with key public officials 

  • Actively pursue public funding/grants, tourism engagement, and economic development support

  • Provide community outreach and host State Capitol Rallys'

  • Initiate New & Support Existing Motorsports Caucuses in Key States

  • Manage Industry Councils and Leadership Teams

  • Design, Organize and Implement Local or State Advocacy and PR Campaigns 

Let's talk.  Contact USMA:
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