Public Officials Discover Motorsports Economic Impacts to City of Lake Elsinore and Riverside County

From left: Commissioner Adam Armit, Commissioner Myles Ross, Field Rep for Senator Jeff Stone, Megan Locke, Competitive Metals Owner, Greg Parker

Lake Elsinore, CA -- Public Officials from the City of Lake Elsinore, California and surrounding Riverside County attended the Lucas Oil Off Road Races held at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. While the racing itself is one of the most exciting forms of Motorsports in the country, it was the tremendous economic impacts that were equally exciting to the Government Officials. Nearly 70-race-teams participated in the three-day event and nearly all come from out of town filling hotels, restaurants and buying fuel for semi-trucks and motor homes. In addition to the race teams over 20,000 race fans attended with many coming from San Diego, Los Angeles and even surrounding states such as Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

"Off-Road Racing is in our City's DNA. From the Elsinore Grand Prix and the Movie On Any Sunday to 900 Horse Power Off Road Trucks flying through the air, we continue to be the Action Sports Capital of the World," stated City of Lake Elsinore's Mayor Pro Tem, Robert Magee.

The event was part of the United States Motorsports Association's national i-2 Campaign, which works to "Introduce" and "Inform" Local, State and Federal Officials about the tremendous impacts racing is having on their communities. For many of the officials it was their first time visiting the track and attending an off road racing event. The guests were provided a behind the scenes tour with insight and background provided by team Owner / Driver Justin Peck and his team Racepro Tech. After touring the pits the race was watched high a top the grandstands courtesy of Greg Parker and his company Competitive Metals, a California small business that supplies most of the race teams their raw material metals.

"We hope that our elected officials