Beyond the Track with Pull A Part...From Animal hides to Recycled Cars, Four Generations of American

Brothers Bernard and Gerald Cohen didn’t come from wealth or high and mighty roots. They just knew they needed to help their father, Morris, feed their family and a great depression in America to overcome. So they did what they could do to survive those times, they became peddlers. Working high in the Appalachian Mountains they acquired a skill for obtaining animal hides, which they would peddle in the streets of Atlanta. They thought they were just feeding their families, but what the Cohen brothers and their father, Morris, didn't realize, is they were building a foundation of spirited entrepreneurship that would continue in their family for generations.

Alan Cohen, Mark Cohen, and Marty Kogon represent the third generation of the family business, and they took things to a whole new level. They changed their focus and began concentrating more on the returns that came from recycling metal. And they had already moved the Central Metals and Hides business in downtown Atlanta to a larger location, and then became Central Metals Recycling Company. Central Metals became a huge regional player with one of the largest steel shredders in the southeast and several remote feeder yards throughout the Atlanta metro area. In addition, Central Metals also owned a successful waste removal business, as well as computer business at different times. The next venture began in 1997 and Pull-A-Part, LLC was born. The focus changed from full service scrap metal recycling to used auto parts retail with a self-service model. And in 1998, the first Pull- A -Part retail store opened on the north side of Atlanta, Georgia.

Today the company is approaching their 20th year in business and is the largest privately held self-service used auto parts retailer and recycler in the country. They have 25-locations around the nation and more store openings on the horizon. Pull-A-Part recycles hundreds of thousands of vehicles. They have always had a mindset to be better by focusing on customer service and an innovative approach to the business.

When you visit a Pull- A -Part location it's a pleasant surprise from their typical competitor. Their yards are clean, safe and have a well thought out design that allows finding that right part quick and easy. One of the most impressive facts is that Pull-A-Part is still being managed by the 4th generation of family members. It's their continued innovative spirit passed down from Morris that led Pull-A-Part's Gregg Cohen to involve the company in the motorsports industry.

Pull A Part Doesn't Just Sell to the Motorsports Industry, they Give Back...