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USMA Hosted First Official Motorsports Rally at PA State Capitol; State of Pennsylvania Recognizes E

Harrisburg, PA -- The United States Motorsports Association (USMA) hosted its first official Motorsports Rally at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg last week. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognized the importance of the motorsports industry to the state by officially declaring September 28th 'Motorsports Day'. PA State Representative and head of the Motorsports Caucus, John Payne, recognized rally attendees in the House of Representatives, including the Carbiliner 496 Land Speed Team, which is based in Renfrew, PA.

Commonwealth Avenue was closed to traffic and lined with racing vehicles. Several track owners and racing related businesses were also on site with displays. Legislators, capitol staff, and media were able to meet people from various aspects of the racing industry, while getting an up close look at the race cars that compete across the state.

The USMA targeted Pennsylvania after its research uncovered the state to be the 4th largest in the nation for number of race tracks including over 540 racing events taking place annually. PA is also home to nearly one-hundred businesses that rely on the racing industry. The USMA's nationalMotorsports Impact Report will include further research and economic data that will show Pennsylvania's overall contributions to competitive racing.

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