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What the Election Means to Motorsports

Our Campaign is Just Beginning...

For months we heard the candidates, current politicians, pundits, celebrities, and of course those never ending television commercials attempt to sway votes one way or the other. The most exciting part of this election though was not all the noise leading up to it, but rather the quietness of Election Day. Millions of American's went into polling booths where it was silent, and without any outside influences freely cast their votes.

Late in the evening or rather early the next morning we reached the end of one the craziest national elections in our nation’s history. 'We the People' voted and President-Elect, Donald J. Trump, will be inaugurated in January to become the 45th President of the United States. In Washington, the Republicans will now control Congress and the White House. Let us hope the major political parties will cooperate and act on positive legislation including the RPM Act, an important piece of national legislation for Motorsports.

USMA Government Affairs Director, Robert Johnson, along with USMA Members covered a Trump Rally in Pennsylvania on the Eve of the Election. "In my 25 years of Government work including involvement in many campaigns I've never experienced a rally like this one," said Johnson. "Trump fan or not there was no denying the tremendous enthusiasm among the many thousands of attendees who came out at almost midnight. There were people from all walks of life and backgrounds that we spoke with. Many were voting for their first time."

With the National Election behind us, now is a great time to reach out to your member of Congress. Introduce yourself, let them know about your track, business or race team. Congratulate them on being re-elected or winning for the first time. Let them know how important the RPM Act is to racing and the billions that Motorsports drives into our economy and especially your local community.

Click here to find your United States Representative.

While the recent election maps out a new future in Washington for the next few years, for competitive racing most of our legislative and regulatory activity happens at the state and local levels. Do you know your state and local officials? Has someone new been elected? State and Local elected leaders are accessible and will be looking for ways to get their message out and meet the people of their communities.

Now is an excellent time to invite the new legislators to your local track or have them take a tour of your business in 2017. Over the next few months many leaders will be at Chamber of Commerce and other community events. These are great places to mingle with your town and state government. If you can't make an event, write a letter to each officials office outlining your business and your contributions to the local community.

As the USMA traveled around the county this year we found one common theme. 98% of our local, state and federal officials were unaware or vastly uninformed about the racing events taking place in their communities. Election season is never over! 2017 will feature County and Municipal elections. Candidates must file their petitions to run for office early in the year and be successful in the primary and general election.

Land use and zoning, sales tax, tourism dollars to promote your events, environmental, noise issues and more are all regulated by state and local government. Most politics are local and having relationships can be key to save your facility or motorsports event. We need to get our small businesses engaged as many public officials simply do not make the connection between your business and racing.

Click here to find your State Legislators

Yes, we have made it through the wild 2016 Presidential election. Good luck to President -Elect Trump in his effort to improve our great country. Now, it is time to focus on 2017. The USMA is planning several events around the country next year to boost political relationships with the motorsports community. But we can't be everywhere and need everyone to take action. As an industry that provides so many benefits, it's our duty to reach out to County Commissioners, City, and Municipal officials to gain their support for motorsports.

Are you facing a specific issue? Would you like to host your public officials, but aren't sure how best to organize an event? The off season is the time to implement a plan of action. The USMA can help. We have free resources available.

Please contact the United States Motorsports Association Government Affairs Team at: or call 844-643-2777 ext.2

The USMA recently invited Congressman Patrick McHenry, Sponsor of the RPM ACT to meet his local track owners/promoters and experience driving a Dirt Track Racing School, Dirt Late Model. Check out the coverage by our friends at SPEED SPORT...

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