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2016 Racing Season Closes Eyes on 2017

2016 Our Work in the Field...

  • USMA Startup and Official Launch.

  • Activated i2 Campaign Events ("Invite" and "Inform").

  • Elected Leaders from Local, State and Federal Levels hosted at Racing Events.

  • Collaboration agreement with Indiana University/Purdue University (IUPUI) announced for national Motorsports Impact Report (MIR).

  • Methodology, Timeline and Strategic Plan developed for MIR.

  • Motorsports Rally's held at Utah State Capitol and Pennsylvania State Capitol. PA.

  • Resolution read on House Floor declaring statewide Motorsports Day.

  • Ongoing supportive actions and awareness for EPA issue.

  • Hosted Congressman McHenry, Sponsor of the RPM Act, at his Local District race track and had the Congressman drive a dirt late model.

  • Worked with several grassroots racing tracks to consult on various legislative issues and threats.

  • Registered Membership Database growth and expansion.

2017 Actions and Initiatives...​

  • Motorsports Impact Report continued research and Initial findings release.

  • i2 Campaign events planned at several events.

  • Motorsports State Capitol Rallys planned.

  • Motorsports Summit Events (online & live).

  • STEM Education Initiatives Launched.

  • Continued support for the RPM ACT.

  • Ongoing no cost advocacy support to grassroots tracks and organizations.

  • Actions and Legislative solutions to threats and issues facing Motorsports.

  • Electronic Waiver System Introduced.

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