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Springfield, IL -- An amendment to Illinois Senate Bill #9 may harm motorsports activities, particularly, grassroots racing in the state according to the United States Motorsports Association (USMA).

In the state of Illinois there are over forty race tracks. Most of these facilities are grassroots tracks that have very tight operating budgets. Any additional taxes on ticket sales would impact their already limited revenue structure.

This bill will make it more difficult for these facilities to provide affordable family entertainment for motorsports fans and competitors. The many businesses who provide services, parts, and equipment could also be impacted.

Illinois is home to over sixty five racing related businesses including some notable racing companies such Auto Meter, Bell Racing, Hyperco, Motive Gear and Strange Engineering. The USMA estimates there are over ten thousand racing participants in the state. These racers and racing related companies along with the tracks are already producing significant benefits to the State's economy.

“Illinois racetrack owners will be encouraged to contact their state legislators about Senate Bill #9,” said Robert Johnson, USMA Public Affairs Director. “The USMA will provide research, supporting tools, and strategic advocacy to the tracks.”

The USMA will assist racetracks, competitors, and fans in Illinois to educate state officials about the economic benefits from grassroots racing. It's important law makers understand this bill will negatively impact racetracks and the states revenue already coming from the motorsports economy.

If approved by the Senate, Senate Bill #9 will be sent to the State House for review. Illinois must have a state budget approved by June 30th 2017. This means now is the time to begin taking action.

For further information or to support the USMA and Illinois Racing in this important matter contact the USMA Public Affairs Team at:

(844) 643-2777 ext. 2

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