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Springfield, IL -- The Chicago Sun Times and the Daily Herald are reporting that the "Amusement Tax" has been pulled out of the proposed amendment to Illinois Senate Bill #9. The service tax on admission to sporting events was originally proposed by Senator Toi Hutchinson. This is good news to the racetracks, competitors, industry businesses and fans who would have been impacted by the bill.

“It's good news for Motorsports, especially the grassroots race tracks, but we must continue to monitor the budget process,” said Robert Johnson, USMA Public Affairs Director. "In my decades of government work I've seen proposed amendments get pulled out and later be placed back in as the legislators continue negotiations. It's important that tracks and everyone impacted by racing get to know their local officials and establish relationships. This can be key when issues arise."

The USMA will continue to monitor the process in Illinois and encourages all racetracks to invite their local and state officials out to their events this year. The USMA will continue to assist racetracks and industry businesses with no-cost advocacy and outreach.

For more information contact the USMA Public Affairs Team at:

(844) 643-2777 ext. 2

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