BEYOND THE TRACK at PRW Automotive Racing Products

PRW Conquers Manufacturing Challenges

that Benefit Motorsports...

When faced with a challenge many people spend a lot of time complaining and griping about it, but nothing really happens. Kind of like some politicians of our day, wait, did I say that? When Bill McGloghlon recognized the racing industries need for cost-efficient high-quality racing and performance parts they didn't do any complaining. Bill and his team utilized over 100 years of combined racing and business experience to create PRW Industries dba Performance Racing Warehouse or commonly known by racers around the world as, PRW. From Rocker Arms to Flywheels and much more PRW has found a recipe that provides quality, affordability and availability.

It may sound good in a catalog or brochure to use words like quality and

affordability, but actually delivering on those promises is no easy task. In racing there is no hiding your products performance. A racer may gravitate to a lower cost product, but if that product fails at the track the savings quickly becomes worthless. McGloghlon and his team spent countless hours planning the PRW business strategy long before shipping their first product.