USMA and FUSION OF IDEAS Deliver First Electronic Waiver App Designed Specifically for the Racing In

WaiverTRACK™ Mobile App Provides Safe, Secure management of Liability Waivers, and added Marketing Opportunities

Mooresville, NC. -- The United States Motorsports Association (USMA) in partnership with FUSON OF IDEAS have launched, waiverTRACK™, a mobile application used to manage liability waivers. The App has been built specifically for race tracks and racing relating events. The USMA spent the past year researching the unique needs of motorsports events and liability waivers prior to development of the app.

Traditionally, racing events have used paper waivers that are difficult to manage over time and have risks of being lost or damaged. It can also be difficult to tie a person to a waiver if they claim they never signed it. WaiverTRACK™ solves storage issues, lowers liability and creates new marketing opportunities.

Track's current paper waivers are uploaded to