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USMA and FUSION OF IDEAS Deliver First Electronic Waiver App Designed Specifically for the Racing In

WaiverTRACK™ Mobile App Provides Safe, Secure management of Liability Waivers, and added Marketing Opportunities

Mooresville, NC. -- The United States Motorsports Association (USMA) in partnership with FUSON OF IDEAS have launched, waiverTRACK™, a mobile application used to manage liability waivers. The App has been built specifically for race tracks and racing relating events. The USMA spent the past year researching the unique needs of motorsports events and liability waivers prior to development of the app.

Traditionally, racing events have used paper waivers that are difficult to manage over time and have risks of being lost or damaged. It can also be difficult to tie a person to a waiver if they claim they never signed it. WaiverTRACK™ solves storage issues, lowers liability and creates new marketing opportunities.

Track's current paper waivers are uploaded to WaiverTRACK™ and they use their own mobile devices to begin capturing an unlimited amount of signatures along with a photo. All data is stored in a highly secure database that can be retrieved anytime, even decades later. WaiverTRACK™ also collects emails turning the pit gate into a highly powerful database that can be used for greater communication and marketing growth.

Race tracks, racing events and even some companies have already begun adopting the technology, which is encouraged by many insurance and legal organizations. In other forms of sports electronic waivers are the norm. However, existing off the shelf waiver systems weren't meeting the needs of racing's unique environment. A free demo or to learn more is available at:

100% of the proceeds of waiverTRACK™ will go towards the USMA's efforts to Protect & Promote Grassroots Racing in all forms across all 50-United States.


The USMA was formed in 2015 by a coalition of industry businesses including Lucas Oil, Safety Kleen, Optima Batteries and others who recognized the need for state and local level advocacy for grassroots racing. The USMA provides a unified voice for all forms of grassroots motorsports to create greater organization, research data, youth promotion, industry resources and government relations.


FUSION OF IDEAS helps businesses integrate devices and maximize mobility in their organizations through brand experiences, integration logistics, and custom app development. For over a decade, FUSION has established key relationships with device manufacturers in order to service the most significant brands in the world. Through an endless pursuit to evolve with technology and a passion for attention to detail, they’ve come to be known as the most innovative and comprehensive mobile device integrator.

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