County Tourism Offices Creates Promotional Opportunities for Racetracks

In our last USMA Newsletter we discussed amusement taxes. One of the areas where amusement tax dollars are spent is tourism. Many States and Counties across the United States have tourism offices. The mission of these offices is to attract visitors and generate additional revenue. Sometimes a tourism office will be connected to the State/County Economic Development Department.

Some counties fund their tourism offices with a hotel/motel tax. Hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, and RV parks collect these taxes. Tourism offices promote recreation, parks, marathons, conventions, athletic events, historic attractions, walking trails, and tours.

In otherwords, these offices promote events that bring people into the county who rent hotel rooms, eat at local restaurants, and purchase products from local vendors.

Can tourism offices promote racetracks?

The answer is yes. We strongly encourage all racetracks to utilize their county tourism offices in promoting their event schedule, especially when touring series are at the track. These are out-of-towners who certainly may use the local RV Park, hotel, service stations, and restaurants.

Remember, it is the job of the tourism office to promote local events attracting newcomers. Speedways do this. In fact, there are many racers who compete in a speedway weekly series who do not reside in the county where the venue is located.