Changing Perceptions & Community Engagement a Key To Future of Grassroots Racing as USMA Looks T

The USMA has engaged elected officials across the nation at racing events and state capitol legislative rallies. New relationships have been established between tracks, racing series, industry related businesses and their elected leaders. As a result, measurable changes are taking place and perceptions of motorsports are shifting to a more positive view.

The USMA has supported recently opened new facilities, county tourism departments are supporting tracks and events for the first time, and other progress is resulting from the connections between government and our grassroots racing industry.

From motocross to dirt tracks to drag strips and more, 2017 was highlighted by engagement of elected officials at several race tracks and racing events. USMA visited racetracks in South Carolina, California, West Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

A Pennsylvania Motorsports Summit was held in June 2017 with over fifty representatives from the motorsports industry in attendance. The day began with very rare access to the House Floor where representatives of Maple Grove Raceway, Williams Grove Speedway, High Point Raceway, Pitt-Race and Mike Hepp Racing were recognized. A legislative reception and personal meetings with more than thirty legislators were included during the Summit.

Representative David M. Maloney (Chairman of the PA Motorsports Caucus) submitted a resolution approved by the PA House unanimously to declare June 10th thru June 17th Motorsports Week across the Commonwealth.

Rep. David Maloney Presented a Racing Jersey from CEO Carrie Coombs Russell

The need to support grassroots racing was never more evident in 2017. The USMA actively worked with several tracks as many face economic, tax, sound, environmental and other challenges.

USMA worked with Summit Motorsports Park regarding a potentially devastating light pole issue. The USMA supported Summit Motorsports Park with navigating the sometimes complex world of government, along with general consulting and guidance through a process resulting in a positive mitigation.