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MOORESVILLE, N.C. – SPEED SPORT and the United States Motorsports Ass’n have announced a newly formed partnership that will align the two organizations to share in content of value to grassroots racing.

SPEED SPORT will support promotion of the Save Grassroots Racing Campaign, which was organized by the USMA to mobilize a unified voice for grassroots racing across the country. The USMA has named SPEED SPORT the Official News Source of their organization and will aggregate and distribute SPEED SPORT content to their membership.

SPEED SPORT has been America’s Motorsports Authority since 1934. Today SPEED SPORT produces award-winning news and editorial through many platforms including video, television, online and other forms of media that all deliver authentic, accurate, and informative racing industry content. SPEED SPORT is one of the few media organizations that still publishes a highly successful print magazine.

“The USMA is excited to partner with SPEED SPORT and look forward to providing our members some exclusive benefits. SPEED SPORT is the most trusted and diverse news source in our industry. They have a dedicated focus on covering grassroots racing, which made our partnership a natural fit,” said Shawn Stewart, Executive Director of the USMA.

“On a personal note, I can remember being a kid growing up in California and waiting for the National Speed Sport News to arrive in the mail. I would read everything going on in racing across the Midwest and Northeast. Back then it was the only source of knowing what was happening in racing. I can truly say it was one of the first reasons I was drawn to work in the racing industry,” added Stewart. “Today, SPEED SPORT has captured that same feel and level of authenticity even within our highly saturated media world. I’m certain there is some kid out there right now who is reading SPEED SPORT on their smart phone or tablet who will one day be our next great driver or industry innovator.”

Grassroots racing makes up the largest sector of motorsports contributing to billions of dollars in economic impacts, millions of jobs, feeding thousands of small businesses and providing tremendous local community benefits. Many elected officials have not been informed of the benefits. To outsiders, racing still has negative perceptions such as being loud, dirty, and economically poor. The Save Grassroots Racing™ campaign aims to change those perceptions, while promoting economic benefits and inspiring the next generation of grassroots racers.

“Grassroots racing is threatened by regulations, uncertain economic conditions and a general lack of awareness of its impact on the economy and importance to the lives and well-being of millions of fans, participants and workers across the country,” said Joe Tripp, CEO of Turn 3 Media d/b/a SPEED SPORT. “As America’s trusted and oldest motorsports media company, we enthusiastically support the efforts of USMA and others to keep our sport strong. We look forward to helping advance the message.”

Everyone can support the campaign by going to and signing the petition or becoming a USMA Member. Signing the Petition is free, fast, and powerful. Becoming a member enters you to win a 2018 Polaris RZR 1000.

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