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SAVE GRASSROOTS RACING Campaign Gains Momentum into 2018

The SAVE GRASSROOTS RACING ™ Campaign kicked off at the end of last year and is gaining tremendous momentum for 2018 with special events and promotions planned throughout the racing season. Additional partners who have recently joined include: SPEED SPORT, , Lucas Oil, Safety Kleen, Optima Batteries, Pull A Part, National Hot Rod Diesel Association (NHRDA), Mike Hepp Racing and others who recognize the need for greater organization and advocacy for Grassroots Racing.

Grassroots racing makes up the largest sector of motorsports contributing to billions of dollars in economic impacts, millions of jobs, feeding thousands of small businesses and providing tremendous local community benefits. Many elected officials have not been informed of the benefits racing provides. To outsiders, racing still has negative perceptions such as being loud, dirty, and economically poor.

The SAVE GRASSROOTS RACING ™ Campaign aims to change perceptions, promote economic benefits and inspire the next generation of grassroots racers.

Throughout the year the USMA will be taking the campaign to several racing events, hosting political rallies, and engaging elected officials with their local racing activity. In addition a National Grassroots Racing Week is being planned.

Everyone can support the campaign by going to and signing the petition or becoming a USMA Member. Signing the Petition is free, fast, and powerful. Sponsorship partnerships are also available for qualifying companies. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact the USMA at 844-643-2777 ext. 1. or

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