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USMA Attends MPMC in Effort to Change Perceptions and Re-Tell Motorsports Story

If you're in the industry you know that racing is a long way from its old days when it comes to the industries impact on jobs, the economy and environment. But for outsiders our story has never really been re-told. We left off somewhere in the 1950's when things were far more dangerous, not so environmentally friendly, and certainly before there were billions in economic impacts and millions of jobs produced from racing. So, we felt it was time to start re-telling the story of racing, one company at a time.

There is no better place to do that than the MPMC Media Trade Conference. The MPMC Media Trade Conference is a unique event that brings together editors, reporters and editorial teams from all over the world with manufacturers of racing and performance parts. Unlike a traditional trade show where exhibitors meet with attendees on the show floor, the Media Trade Conference consists of individual, private, one-on-one interviews between the media representatives and the manufacturers.

We sat down with many of the brands you might already know, but learned a lot of things you probably didn't know about them. Over the next several months we will begin releasing these stories in a segment we're calling "Beyond the Track". Motorsports is full of amazing stories of risk, reward, success, failure, and problems turned into solutions. We are excited to begin telling the racing story of today. Stay tuned...

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