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Are you covered? Don't Get Burned on Your Insurance Coverage!



USMA provides a quick way to ensure your insurance will actually cover what you think it does when something you think won't ever happen actually happens...

Whew, that's a mouthful. And if you've ever read your insurance policy then you probably know it's also a mouthful of legal and insurance jargon as well. Don't feel bad if you haven't read it. The majority of us haven't. When it comes to insurance it's often a case of "fact" vs. "feeling". You have an insurance policy stuffed in a cabinet somewhere, so you're insured and that can "feel" good. But then you're trailer tragically burns to the ground while traveling to a race. After filing an insurance claim you discover the "fact" that the insurance policy doesn't actually cover any of the contents inside your trailer. Sadly, this is a true story that's happened many times. Suddenly the facts don't feel so good.

Do you know the number one issue people raise when it comes to insurance? It's not the price, despite what the lizard might tell you he can save you in 15 minutes or less. A good agent can find a good price. The number one issue is denied claims. Finding out after something happens that you actually aren't covered for it. So how can we be sure we're properly covered without spending a lot of time that we don't have reading through our policies?

Let the USMA read it for you! The USMA's expert insurance team will review your policy at no cost to you as a service of the Association. There is no cost and no obligation for those that qualify. Our team combines a deep knowledge of both the unique racing environment and can provide best options for insuring this crazy game of racing that we all invest so much time, energy and money into. Simply put, we're able to see what others may not see and offer suggestions and solutions that are a right-fit for your racing activity.

For example, the USMA Insurance Team just this week reviewed a race track's policy and provided a detailed report card. This particular track received an "F" grade. It turned out that their policy wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. Several exclusions buried deep in the policy spelled out in black and white that almost no real life scenario that would be likely to take place at their track was actually covered.

It wasn't the track's fault and really it wasn't even the insurance agents fault. For the track it was simply something they didn't have time to dig deeply into. They got a policy, thought they were insured and never read the fine print. For the insurance agent it wasn't that they were trying to fraud the track, but rather they didn't have the experience or knowledge of racing and what actually takes place at the track.

From buying insurance for things you don't need to finding out the hard way you don't have the coverage you did need, it's important to have it right when something goes wrong.

OK, enough of the complex word plays...let's keep it can you be sure you have the right insurance coverage?

The USMA will provide a detailed report card of your policy and advise you on the strength and quality of your program. It's a simple and quick process that will re-assure you actually are properly insured.

Best Solution: The USMA will provide a Free detailed report card of your policy and advise you on the strength and quality of your program. We'll let you know if there are under or over coverage's, any gaps you should be aware of, and potential cost savings. Click here to qualify for a Free Insurance Review Report Card it's quick and easy.

Better Solution: Carve out some time to read your policy. Especially your "exclusions" page. If you have questions send them to the USMA for answers. Click Here to get your questions answered.

Good Solution: Be certain the agent or company you are working with has an understanding of the unique racing business and overall environment of your racing activity.

Get Your Insurance Report Card Today. CLICK HERE takes less than 2 minutes. No Sales. No Catch. Just a Free Service from the USMA.

Feel free to send a direct email or call for more immediate needs: or 844-643-2777 ext.1

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