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Grassroots Racing's Biggest Challenges; What You Had to Say...

A while back the USMA sent out a survey asking one simple question.

What is the biggest challenge facing Grassroots Racing?

This question was sent out to the entire USMA membership database. The Membership is made up of racers, participants, track owners, promoters, industry professionals, manufacturers, small business owners and fans representing just about every form of racing across America.

For days after the survey was sent out our email system was slammed with responses that came flooding in. It was quickly clear we're a passionate group when it comes to the present and future of Grassroots Motorsports. Our team read through every response. Some were long and some replied with just one word statements. Each response was cataloged and analyzed. Below are the top categories and how they ranked.

Over the next few months the USMA will be investigating and writing more about these topics along with providing some solutions and actions our industry can take as we move into the future. It's great to understand the issues, but without action we are just grumpy old men sitting on the porch complaining about the world around us.

The USMA will be looking for stories to share of those who are conquering the future of Grassroots Racing right now. There are many tracks, teams and racing series that are innovating, adapting and finding success.

For now, here's what you had to say...

Top 5 Response Categories:

#1 Rising Costs / Affordable Racing / Money in General.......37%

#2 Declining Youth Interest in Racing/Automotive Industry.......23%

#3 Governmental Regulations & Restrictions / Housing - Land Development.......18%

#4 Lack of Good Promotion / Organization.......14%

#5 Consistency in Racing Formats / Rules.......8%

Some of your top comments:

"Complacency is killing our sport"

"The problem comes down to management from Track owners, promoters, to car owners"

"The inability of most facilities to be modernized enough to be comfortable and inviting to potential customer"

"Housing developments encroaching on race tracks then complaining about noise"

"Getting us all organized and on the same page like other sports and industries have done"

"I look in the Grandstands and everyone has gray hair"


"Educating those outside the industry about the size and contribution the industry can make to our economy and families"


"Our fan base is aging and we need to connect with the younger customer base"

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