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Long Island, NY – The USMA's look into the economic benefits of a Drag Strip on Long Island continue to move forward with an expected release of the report in the first quarter of 2019. The USMA has been collecting data from racers, businesses, existing track owners, communities and other sources to compile the analysis. A key component to the report has been to focus on spending by non-resident visitors who bring new spending to Long Island and that is currently being lost to other regions and states.

The initial findings of the report show over 17-Million in annual spending by visitors to a Long Island Dragstrip. It's estimated that the track could see well over 300,000 visitors each year. In addition to racing related visitors the track will also produce added spending and tourism for non-racing events hosted at the facility such as fairs, festivals, concerts and specialized training.

One section of the report draws a comparison between the U.S. Open, which was recently held on Long Island and a Long Island Dragstrip. The U.S. Open provided 120-Million dollar impact to Long Island and attracted 35,000 spectators daily. This was a one-time special event. When all factors are considered a Long Island Drag Strip would equal the U.S. Open every 5-years. Year after year Long Island will have a consistent source of visitor spending.

A Long Island track would be the communities grounds for producing safer teen drivers and dramatically lowered illegal drag racing. Several existing programs outlined in the report show proven organizations have dramatically reduced illegal street racing accidents, deaths, and arrests. In addition, areas with a nearby track to properly train teens drivers have experienced much lower rates of teen accidents from distracted driving and loss of car control.

Shawn Stewart of the USMA said, “We are eager to get the report completed and released. There is a lot of data that we've collected and run through various methodologies created specifically for this study. Now we're in the final stages of getting it organized into a report that helps tell the story of the benefits a Drag Strip on Long Island.”

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