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Bell Helmets Joins USMA SAVE GRASSROOTS RACING Campaign; Helmet Giveaway Program to Launch at PRI Sh

USMA helped coordinate Government Officials to Bell Helmet's Grand Opening in Mooresville (NC).

Pictured at the event: NASCAR Champion Joey Logano and U.S. Congressman Ted Budd.

(Champaign, IL.) October 31, 2019 – Bell Racing Helmets has been protecting racers around the world since 1954. In a new partnership with the U.S. Motorsports Association (USMA) they will be supporting racing's future through public advocacy. Bell Helmets announced their partnership in the USMA's SUPPORT GRASSROOTS RACING Tour. The tour is connecting local, state and federal representatives to their local tracks and racing industry businesses. In addition, the USMA is working on solutions for several current legislation issues harmful to motorsports.

Bell Racing and the USMA need your support in joining the largest community of grassroots racing supporters in the nation. There are no fees to join and it takes less than two minutes to show your support. As a thank you for becoming a member Bell Racing and the USMA will be giving away a helmet every three months. Get on the team fighting for your rights to race and you could also be wearing racing's best helmet.

“Grassroots motorsports is the foundation of our sport and Bell Racing is proud to be an official partner of USMA,” said Kyle Kietzmann, President, Bell Racing USA. “The first product manufactured by Bell Helmets was a racing helmet built for amateur racers, so we are thrilled to participate in the SUPPORT GRASSROOTS RACING Tour to help build membership for USMA and promote the economic benefits of racing while protecting the next generation of drivers.”

Grassroots Racing is the largest sector of Motorsports contributing to billions in economic impacts, millions of jobs, feeding thousands of small businesses and providing tremendous community benefits. 98% of elected officials though do not understand the impacts, yet grassroots racing exists in all 50-states. To some outsiders, racing still has negative perceptions such as being loud, dirty, and economically poor. The SUPPORT GRASSROOTS RACING Campaign aims to change those perceptions, while promoting the numerous economic benefits and inspiring the next generation of grassroots racers.

"Bell Helmets is a legacy company in motorsports and we're obviously excited to have them become an official partner of the USMA," expressed Shawn Stewart, Executive Director for USMA. "They have kept up with the latest technology and innovations in head protection, which is a major benefit to all racers. Bell Helmets is a company contributing significant jobs and economic impacts to the motorsports industry, supporting everyone in America including those not involved racing."

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