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COVID-19 Toolkit Update: Safe to Race Task Force has Completed Race Resumption Plan & Best Pract

Updated: May 05, 2020

The U.S. Motorsports Association was honored to work alongside an amazing team of industry leaders on the Safe-to-Race Task Force. Below is the link to the Race Resumption Plan and Best Practices Toolkit for Motocross and Off-Road. It was the mission of the Task Force to develop best practices for our industry that focused on the health and safety of riders, fans, and staff in a post-COVID-19 society.

These protocols are now available to event organizers of all motorsports disciplines to assist them as they develop plans with their local officials to reopen their racetracks in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

These resources can be accessed by going to:


USMA is a nonprofit organization founded by a coalition of industry businesses, race tracks, and sanctioning organizations to advocate for all forms of grassroots racing across all 50 States.

Since the activation of the USMA five years ago, our team supported by corporate partners and over 100,000 registered members, has been instrumental in solving many governmental issues for racing. The USMA works tirelessly to advocate for motorsports, solve issues, and build key relationships between grassroots racing and government.

To learn more about the work of the U.S. Motorsports Association please visit:

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