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US Motorsports Association Submits Letter to President and Congressional Majority Leaders to Support

The U.S. Motorsports Association submitted letters to the President of the United States, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell requesting their support of small businesses in the Phase 4 stimulus package currently in congress.

The letter was submitted at the request of many of our racing-related manufacturers, suppliers, and race tracks, who are experiencing the hardships of the COVID-19 shutdowns.

The USMA remains focused on the restart of racing and helping tracks navigate their local and state government, but with the season already more than half over we are equally turning our focus to financial relief for our impacted businesses.

We must ensure racing is heard at all levels of government. Some of the relief funding from Congress will filter down to the State and Local level. It is important we pursue all relief options available to the racing industry.

As we have done throughout this entire pandemic, the USMA is committed to ensuring the racing industry does not fall to the back of the line. Small business makes up the majority of racing. It is also the hardest hit by the pandemic according to our survey data.

The letter submitted by the USMA can be read below. The USMA encourages you to submit your own personal letter to your member of congress. A sample template you can use has been added to our COVID-19 Toolkit. It can be accessed at the link below. If you need help finding your legislator scroll down to the 'more resources' section of the toolkit and click on the AMA Logo. The AMA has provided us a great resource for finding your members of congress.

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