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Legislation has been introduced in West Virginia to limit "nuisance lawsuits" against racetracks. Our industry is being challenged more and more with many racetracks once located in a suburban/rural area now being near recent housing and commercial developments.

The purpose of this legislation is to limit nuisance lawsuits where residents sue racetracks for noise, traffic, and other activity related to the facility. Senate Bill No. 602 seeks to provide lawsuit relief for racetracks in West Virginia. Please see a link to read the proposed legislation: SB 602

Senate Bill No. 467 has been introduced in West Virginia. It would provide tax relief for racetracks interested in making facility improvements. Track owners would receive tax credits for private dollars spent on track upgrades and renovations. Tax credits are used to provide incentives for businesses to improve their facilities/property around the nation. Senate Bill No. 467 would be a credit on taxes paid in West Virginia. Here is a link to the bill: Senate Bill 467

The USMA is working towards introducing similar legislation in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other key Racing States. If you are interested in pursuing legislation in your state and need assistance please contact Robert Johnson by phone: 412-848-5900 or email:

This legislative effort is an important step in protecting our racetracks, which are significant economic drivers for our economy and existed before lands around them were developed.

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