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Power in Numbers: Motorsports Industry to Rally Millions of Voters


Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Motorsports fans, competitors, race tracks, and businesses (large and small) have joined together to launch RacingtoVOTE.

This Get Out the Vote Campaign is aimed at encouraging voter turnout in the upcoming Georgia Runoff election and future local, state, and national elections important to the Motorsports Industry.

RacingtoVOTE is a nonpartisan organization focused on providing the motorsports industry important information on candidates, voter registration, key election dates, and campaign news.

The organization has launched a website at

It is estimated 30% of eligible racing-related citizens are either not registered or not frequent voters. With racing activity in all 50-States, especially prevalent in rural communities, it is crucial for those with a passion for motorsports to participate in elections.

Motorsports contributes billions of dollars in economic impacts, supplies millions of jobs, feeds thousands of small businesses, and provides tremendous local community benefits across the United States.

Racing will support rural communities in need during the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Motorsports is vital to the bounce-back of local tourism including hotels, restaurants, fuel service stations, small businesses, and much more.

About RacingtoVOTE (R2V)

Racing to Vote is a nonpartisan private organization of race fans, enthusiasts, competitors, and business owners, focused on driving the motorsports industry to raise a loud voice at the ballot box.


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