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RACING 2020 where we've been, where we're going USMA Annual Report

Happy New Year! Well, not yet, but isn't that what we are hoping for? We are ready to start a fresh new year that can be more normal, or at least a new normal, including some business as usual!

The U.S. Motorsports Association, like many of you, started the year off with a plan. When the pandemic struck and our industry was forced to shut down, the USMA quickly pivoted and prioritized the resumption of racing to ensure motorsports was not shoved to the back of the line.

Our USMA team worked long days and evenings as quickly as we could to provide the first industry-wide COVID 19 Toolkit and a 5 Step Plan. We worked alongside many organizations in addition to ours and leaned on the many great minds we have in our industry. As racers, we never give up. We do not run and hide. We press on, we adapt, and we work together as a team.

Working together as one racing family will be one of the feature benefits for the motorsports industry as we move beyond COVID-19. This pandemic will end. And racing will be stronger than ever. We are proud of our work this year, we are a bit tired, but we will never stop working to protect and promote our race tracks, industry manufacturers, suppliers, sanctioning organizations, racers, and fans.

Thank you to our corporate partners, councils, coalitions, ambassadors, the board of directors, advisors, USMA Staff, and over 127,000 registered members who contributed their time and resources.

Highlights From 2020:

COVID-19 Toolkit & 5-Step Plan Created Immediately Upon Shutdowns

Founded New Councils and Coalitions:

Motorsports Council of Pennsylvania

New Jersey Motorsports Coalition

Ohio Motorsports Coalition

Drag Racing Leadership Team

Circle Track Leadership Council

Motorsports Media Leadership Team

Initiated the launch of two campaigns in support of Motorsports:

Together We Race - A positive campaign showing how racing could return safely. This was promoted across the spectrum of motorsports.

RacingtoVOTE - is a nonpartisan organization focused on driving the motorsports industry to raise a loud voice at the ballot box.

Provided Support and Promotion to other Industry Organizations:

  • Chaired MX Sports Government Affairs Task Force Committee.

  • Shared in resources with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).

  • Worked in unison on several issues and promoted efforts of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) and SEMA.

Legislative Actions and Successes:

  • Provided solutions and consulting at no cost to dozens of race tracks, sanctioning organizations, and industry-related businesses.

  • Led the introduction of Legislation in Pennsylvania sparking the resumption of racing across the state.

  • Communicated to the United States Congress and the President of the United States the importance of motorsports inclusion in stimulus packages.

  • Established key relationships and open lines of communication with several Governor's Offices and State/Local Officials.

  • Drafted and promoted the submission of many health/operational plans leading to the successful resumption of racing events.

  • Circulated regular information on COVID-19 rules, regulations, and funding relief for our industry.

Despite much success in a very challenging 2020 environment, our work to overcome COVID-19 and reopen racing is not over. 2021 will be a year of rebuilding and making sure that racing is heard, understood, and supported.

The United States Motorsports Association is prepared to lead the resumption of the racing industry in 2021. Motorsports contributes billions of dollars in economic impacts, supplies millions of jobs, feeds thousands of small businesses, and provides tremendous local community benefits across the United States.

Motorsports is vital to the bounce-back of our nation's economy. Our racing activity benefits tourism, hotels, restaurants, fuel service stations, small businesses, and much more. Relief programs and funding will be distributed from the federal government to many states, cities, and counties. The USMA will continue to research and inform our industry of funding opportunities as they develop.

2021 USMA Plan of Action:

  • Promote, Advocate, and Educate all the Benefits of our Industry.

  • Continue Organizing Industry Leaders who Support Racing's Future.

  • Conduct Research Demonstrating the Importance of Motorsports.

In addition to current councils and coalitions new groups for 2021 will include:

Georgia Motorsports Council

Florida Motorsports Council

Texas Motorsports Council

California Motorsports Council

Tennessee Motorsports Council

Virginia Motorsports Council

Sanctioning Organizations Leadership Council

Motorsports Manufacturing Leadership Council

Small Business Leadership Council

Motorsports Marketing Council

Motorsports General Advisory Council

While we do not have a crystal ball on COVID-19 impacts into 2021, the racing industry will be stronger and more unified than ever heading into the New Year and beyond!

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