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USMA Continues Advocating for Relief Funds to Support Race Tracks Hit Hard by Forced COVID Shutdowns

What we have done.

USMA partnered with several related organizations within the motorsports, automotive aftermarket, fairground, and festival industries in an attempt to pursue federal funding relief for racetracks. A joint letter was sent asking to expand the Shuttered Venues Operator Grant (SVOG). So far Motorsports has been excluded from the SVOG. In addition, Federal Elected Official outreach has been organized across the nation.

What we are doing now.

While USMA and the coalition continue to advocate for additional relief thru Federal Legislation, the USMA has turned much of its focus to the States. Federal Relief funding is flowing to the States, where they will have some discretion on how to spend these funds.

USMA is supporting current State organizations such as the NCMA in North Carolina and MCP in Pennsylvania. In addition, foundations are being established for new State Councils in Georgia, Florida, Texas, California and Ohio. USMA Leadership Teams and USMA Staff continue to work with our network of State Officials to seek all available options.

USMA will continue working to secure relief for lost racetrack revenues from COVID. This is not a short-term process and could take many months or even years to secure funding support. With some tracks having total losses in 2020 and even into 2021 the USMA will continue to make financial relief efforts a priority.

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