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USMA Enters 2022 with Strong Purpose & Plan to Strengthen Grassroots Motorsports

The USMA Officially turns 8-years old this year. As we enter 2022, the plan and purpose of the USMA is more defined and more essential than ever. Last year was an incredible year for this organization.

We significantly expanded our Registered National Membership database. Everyone who joined helps our industry become more unified across all forms of racing. Local and State Government Officials are responding positively on our behalf and recognizing racing as a significant economic driver, especially to rural communities.

The foundation of building Public support for Motorsports can be attributed in part to economic impact research. The recent Statewide study in Pennsylvania conducted by the USMA and the Motorsports Council of PA (MCP) is receiving additional attention and assistance from the State Legislature may be on the horizon. In 2021, New York State’s Long Island held its first drag racing event in over two decades. USMA’s economic impact report was one of the main ingredients used to make drag racing on Long Island a reality once again.

Our new Ambassadors, Track, and Series Partnerships enabled the USMA to reach across more miles last year than all previous years combined. Criss crossing the nation, these tour stops included the hosting of State, Local and Federal Elected Officials at race tracks of all types. There is no substitute for relationship building between our industry leaders and elected officials.

Looking forward in 2022, the USMA has launched its most aggressive plan to date. Our effort will be implemented across four pillars:

Promoting the Benefits of Motorsports, through accurate industry-specific research. The USMA is already underway with several new research projects highlighting the powerful economic story of racing and returning valuable benefits to the individual tracks, series and businesses taking advantage of the USMA Research Team.

Continuing to Build Permanent Relationships, with local/state/federal Government. USMA has hosted hundreds of government officials at racing events over our history. After these events we foster those relationships and ensure they stay connected with their local tracks, racing series, and racing related businesses. In 2022, the USMA will drive this effort to new heights with added resources and new racing coalitions in key states.

Our movement to Mobilize a Unified Voice for Racing has always been a USMA mission. Our power in numbers isn’t just a nice statement, it has been placed into action. On a local level we have mobilized our members to influence real changes and support racing. Nationally, the database is currently being promoted to support the RPM Act and Federal Funding from Pandemic revenue losses.

One of the benefits from the pandemic was experienced industry leaders forming Organized Industry Councils. The success of these small focused groups has extended beyond the pandemic and into shared resources, sponsorship co-ops, critical evaluation of racing’s biggest challenges, and direct connections to State and Local Government.

2022 is already off to a busy start. The USMA is setting off again around the nation for our Third Support Grassroots Racing Tour that will take us to some of racing’s most iconic and lesser known hidden gems.

We learned during the pandemic the only thing certain is uncertainty. Our Board, Staff, Ambassadors, Volunteers, and Partners are ready and prepared for any challenges we face. We are excited to work for you and together, we will secure a strong Motorsports future.

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