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USMA is Researching Grants as Possible Solution to Better Broadband for Motorsports Venues

BROADBAND EXPANSION – Can Racetracks and Motorsports Venues Benefit?

Currently, there is significant grant funding available for broadband expansion. The Federal Government has prioritized broadband expansion across rural America and making grant funds available. 5G technology is being promoted heavily.

Here is a link to additional information about grant funding: Commerce Department’s NTIA Announces $288 Million in Funding Available to States to Build Broadband Infrastructure | National Telecommunications and Information Administration (

With event live streaming becoming more and more a source of revenue for racetracks, broadband updates may be necessary, particularly if your facility in in a rural location.

We strongly encourage you to contact your local government officials and broadband providers regarding grant opportunities for broadband coverage/expansion.

The USMA is also looking into solutions within the Federal and State Government. In addition, we are seeking options with broadband carriers.

Please contact USMA Government Affairs if you have questions.

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