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West Virginia Racing and USMA Recognized by West Virginia Senate

USMA was a recent participant at West Virginia's Motorsports Day, which was held at the West Virginia State Capitol Building in Charleston (WV). Motorsports vehicles were on display outside at several of the main entrances to the Capitol. Inside, located in between the House and Senate Chambers were displays that showcased the very diverse range of WV Motorsports. Legislators welcomed attendees from Sports Cars to Dirt Track to Motocross and more.

Senator Mark Maynard recognized several of the attendees including the USMA at the start of the Senate Session. Senator Maynard has been a strong supporter of racing across the State. The event was organized by the West Virginia Motorsports Committee headed by Laura Bowman, of Summit Point Raceway. Bowman was appointed by Gov. Jim Justice to serve on the new Motorsports Committee. Supporting Bowman was Edwin Pardue, director of motorsports operations at Summit Point.

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