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The USMA is an industry-leading provider of expert Motorsports solutions in Government Affairs, Action-Oriented Economic Research, and Corporate Sponsorship Marketing/Activation/Consulting.  


Racing contributes billions of dollars in economic impacts, supplies millions of jobs, feeds thousands of small businesses, and provides tremendous local community benefits. 

The USMA is on a mission to tell our powerful story across America.

Is your race track or business facing a Governmental Issue? The USMA specializes in Governmental Support for Grassroots Racing at the Local/State levels.


Economic Reports are a powerful tool for showing the many benefits Motorsports provides to the American economy. Our research team has helped conduct Economic Studies for top racing sanctioning organizations and race tracks of all types and sizes.

Research = Results! Economic Data can lead to Grants, Sponsorship, and In-Kind Support.

Our research reports once completed do not sit on a shelf and collect dust.  We actively work with you to promote the reports to your Elected Officials and Governmental Agencies.   


There are millions of Grassroots Racing Fans and Racers across the nation. With so many different forms of racing, thousands of race tracks, hundreds of sanctioning organizations, and endless racers looking for sponsorship, where do you start?  And how do you reach your target audiences? 

USMA Marketing Programs provide a solution to reach the massive grassroots racing community with a clear, authentic, targeted activation plan. 

The USMA can deliver a one-stop easy to implement highly engaging marketing campaign targeted at Grassroots Racing, where the real buyer's race!   


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